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The repair guarantee is simple if the repair order is received with the correct diagnosis and during the repair you phone is further damaged as a result of the repair. Samsung Mobile Glass will cover the cost of the repair and parts. We are as a wholesaler of repair parts has thousands of new parts in stock for all the phones we service.

Here is an example of our cell phone repair guarantee: customer sends us a phone for a glass only repair. The customer has purchased the correct repair and when the phone is recieved our technician confirms that the phone is fully functional and that the problem is only a broken glass screen.
If during the repair the LCD is broken will assume responsibility and pay for the part and additional repair time without billing the customer.

Our repair costs include what we call self-insurance. So when a repair has a problem we are prepared to fix the problem and return your phone back working as good as new as quickly as possible. Our guarantee and our self-insurance is what makes stand out from the rest of the repair centers. As a well-financed national repair center we offer an unsurpassed guarantee that does not exist elsewhere in the industry.

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